Not many people would cash in nearly all of their retirement to help people that they never really met. That’s what African American Chamber of Commerce President, Roy Jay did in 2005 as he launched Project Clean Slate. What is now an award winning program set out on a path to help a few hundred people reclaim their drivers license and expunging minor criminal convictions. These and other barriers were in the way of people moving forward and getting a second chance in life.

Since inception, PCS has assisted over 8000 people in more ways than they can imagine. One man’s vision of reaching out to help EVERYBODY in EVERY ZIPCODE has paid off in big dividends for families throughout the state. Jay’s court estimates over $5 million in traffic fines have been converted to meaningful community service, families united and jobs created. Project Clean Slate has and continues to be the recipient of various awards and citations for the exceptional work. The program is not without its critics, but you cannot argue with success. An 83% success rate according to an outside independent audit that was required as part of an earmark funding for one year through the Barack Obama administration. Former Oregon legislator Linda Flores put it simply at a legislative funding hearing in Salem, Oregon.

” This is the best return on public investment I have ever experienced” The one time only program in 2005 attracting 3000 the first day as funded through Jay’s private and retirement funds until it was funded by grants. Go to the website at www,projectcleanslate.com and hear a few of the success stories. Everyone from former gang members to people with PHd’s have been through the program. The African American Chamber is “inclusive, not exclusive”, they have been able to build partnerships and relationships from coast to coast in an effort to help many others.

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