Oregon DOJ surrenders to settlement under pressure from Roy Jay’s attorneys

Writer: J.L. Ryan, Government & Justice – Washington D.C.
(Part one of a continuing series)

After a lengthy 3 year investigation of chasing ghosts, the Oregon Department of Justice spent an estimated $1.6 million in taxpayer funds in an attempt to topple well known Portland, Oregon African American business entrepreneur, Roy Jay.

DOJ spent hundreds of man hours on bogus leads and dead ends involving Jay’s nonprofit, Project Clean Slate which helped an estimated 10,000 individuals in the greater Portland area over a 10 year period expunge criminal records, convert traffic fines to community service, regain drivers licenses, assist with job placements, loans and other opportunities.

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Ed Jones was quoted in an interview as saying that the county had millions in uncollected fines. Supporters say that Roy Jay saved an estimated $8 million in uncollected court and traffic fines as a result of his single handled efforts dating back to 2005.

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