Roy Jay new NOBLE President

Roy Jay new NOBLE President

Working out of the Multnomah County District Attorney’s Office, Roy Jay has an unusual talent of being able to convince fugitives to surrender.  Using a telephone, email and a sympathetic ear, he has convinced drug dealers, gun runners, gang bangers and others to turn themselves in to authorities. Based in Portland, Oregon he uses his power of persuasion to travel thousands of miles back to the west coast to face criminal prosecution.

“I have never spent a dime for extradition since 2005” says Jay.  Most recently, Timothy Luther McNair who was hiding in plain sight in the Dallas Fort Worth area contacted Jay by email indicating that he was thinking about surrendering after 13 years of being “on the run”.

Respectful and compassionate conversations ensued to the point that McNair, 52 decided to drive over 2200 miles in a van, back to Portland, Oregon.  McNair told of his journey in which the vehicle broke down four times as he was on his way to changing his life.

Jay is the Director of Project Clean Slate and is also the local chapter president of NOBLE (National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives)

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