Kind Comments From Rudy Williams of OLCC


You look better than Donald Trump and your gift eclipses anything he could offer on Apprentice. This is huge and more than being magnanimous in light of the economy. I think what you Shepard here sends a message of profound caring.

It is not what you say or what you do that matters. It is what you deliver! Who do you know would extend their self to a non family member to make such an impact on another person’s life. This is analogous to gifting the greatest gift on earth which is truly people helping people. I know no greater gift than this.

Lastly, to get a woman of such stature to do a fund raiser speaks volume on your influence and, more importantly, your heart.

How can I help from where I sit?

Well done and well done!! You know how to raise the stakes for all and tell a story without saying a word. It is in the delivery and not in the promises.

Whew! Want to grow up and be like you.


Rudy Williams
Director, Public Safety

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