After waiting 6 months to get on his speaking agenda, Roy Jay delivered an early morning, high powered speech that only he can do. Covering a wide variety of topics from tourism, racism, politics, youth, real estate, business and law. A local newspaper identifies him as one of the most intriguing people in Oregon politics, yet he has never held office.
Here are just a few of the comments from a few days ago…score3

  • SCORE is ready to step up and help! “We’ve never had a speaker quite like Roy”… He is entertaining, informative, and full of solutions and action oriented”
  • “Roy Jay kept us awake and enrapt this morning. An undeniable motivating speaker…what a treat.
  • Here’s proof you were doing business Roy!” – Janet Livesay
  • “Thanks, Roy. I’m impressed that you put out an e-mail so quickly to those who gave you their business cards. In addition to my work at SCORE, I am looking to pivot my consulting to focus more on regional SMB’s.”
  • Hi Roy,  
    I enjoyed your talk yesterday and “get it done” attitude
  • “We know that he is in great demand, but we were glad he was able to come to our group here at the college. He is likable because he works across all racial, gender, age and demographics while continuing to true to his upbringing and culture”
  • “This was a $10,000 speech, yet .. he did not charge us a single dime, nor wanted anything in return.. wow, what a guy!”

score2Jay, a native of Portland Oregon was remembered in his youth as a self-conscious skinny young man that stuttered as a result of the beatings that he experienced from his father for no apparent reason. “He would be the Black off of us (Roy and his brothers) for no reason at all. Fast forward Roy became not just a disc jockey, but Portland’s number one radio personality in the early 70’s. His voice was on countless commercials, answering machines and radio spots.

score1Service Corp of Retired Executives had reached out to have Jay come and talk to their group of local business counselors and mentors. A brief 20 minute time allocation turned into nearly 90 minutes of questions and answers from a mature audience that was eager to hear from the guy that has done so much for so many.

“Roy cuts to the chase  … I know that he has been in several business battles over the years and then I see him embracing or working with some of the same business people that was against him. His message regarding small business resonated throughout the room.  One thing that stood out from his speech is that not all people of color are standing in line to become minority certified (MWESB).”

score4He compared the little progress for minority businesses over the past 15 years that are minority certified. It did not produce any real millionaires and most of the contracts were only dealing with construction work.  Jay was the architect behind the City of Portland’s highly successful Minority Evaluator Program, which Jay says will be offered to various cities starting in 2016.

Jay was one of the longtime front supporters of Portland’s headquarter hotel initiative, which will help create union jobs not only in the construction end but also the day to day operations. He’s a behind the scenes guy that will give you 300%, but not afraid to take center stage is he knows that his presence and input will help someone else or make the community better.  He has been a consultant for business and political entities as well as candidates.

SCORE counselors have added him to their list of most valuable resources in their effort to help their small business clients.

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