East Meets West

East Meets West

Portland, Oregon business entrepreneur Roy Jay is seen with Deputy Counsel General Zha Liyou of the Peoples Republic of China at an informal meeting hosted by Jay and one of his business partners in Portland, Oregon in April.  The purpose was simple… strengthen relationships between the two cultures and countries from an economic perspective.

Jay, known for his savvy business endeavors, creative partnerships and collaborations initiated conversations around the table on how everyone can benefit. The private close door meeting hosted by Oxley & Associates and Roy Jay Enterprises LLC to an invitation only list of less than 20 people, professionals and government officials that have been collaborative partners with Jay on numerous projects in the past.

At the top of the list of talks about tourism opportunities for as well Chinese investments under EB5 and other programs for development in Portland and other urban areas of the country.

Jay’s company, Metropolitan Holdings in tandem with the new African American Chamber Inc. announced that they will be opening an office in Shanghai in 2016 which will be headed by Chamber president, O. Matthew Thomas of San Francisco.

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