Roy Jay recipient of Robert Lamb Humanitrian Award

Roy Jay recipient of Robert Lamb Humanitrian Award

Portland, Oregon business entrepreneur, Roy Jay has been selected to receive the Robert Lamb Humanitarian Award from the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives at their national conference to be held in Little Rock, Arkansas on July 24, 2010.

Jay was selected for his outstanding achievement with in the areas of human welfare and social reform. Jay has been a repeat facilitator at the NOBLE Chief’s Symposiums and providing educational and community training to law enforcement officials in various cities throughout the country.

The native of Portland, Oregon also serves as the current President of the NW Chapter of NOBLE. He is also known for a social reform program he founded in 2005 entitled “Project Clean Slate”. The award winning program has already assisted over 8,000 individuals get a second chance in life by converting delinquent traffic fines into meaningful community service, expunging minor criminal convictions and arrest records, paving the way for to become employable and productive citizens.

Project Clean Slate has become a division of The Multnomah County District Attorney’s office and works in tandem with the circuit court judges and numerous community service and other law enforcement agencies.

The Humanitarian Award was named after the late Robert Lamb, Jr. US Justice Department’s Top Community Liaison in the Northwest. Mr. Lamb, who was black, gained recognition in the United States and Europe for his work to improve relations between the police and African-Americans.

Jay has been credited with lifestyle changes of thousands of individuals that were “living on or over the edge”. He has been recognized for several fugitive surrenders which did not even require the use of force or handcuffs, including gang members that seriously sought a second chance in life to become productive citizens.

Jay’s non combative style has convinced several to either drive or fly back to him to be taken into custody.

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